A Letter to Adam Spriggs, Age 18

Dear Adam,

Yoo-hoo.  Spriggs.  Hellooo?

  1. That guy that called you a poser…  Well, he was actually right.  You won’t care about freestyle bikes in a few years.  At all.
  2. Stick with that computer stuff.  It’ll bring home the bacon.
  3. Get to know your dad.  He’s got a softer side.
  4. Stop trying so hard to follow all the church rules.  They won’t get you there.
  5. Be a good friend.
  6. Get off your butt and work…until you’re sweating.  Get your work ethic on.
  7. You are allergic to peanuts and pine trees.
  8. So you think you have people figured out?  Just stop it.
  9. You can’t fix some things.  Take a few steps into reality, will ya?
  10. 95% of the things you think are needs…yeah, they aren’t.
  11. Don’t be scared of failing.  Take a risk. You have what it takes.
  12. People will still snicker a little when you say you like Stryper.



Your turn.

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