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Triggering Multiple Emails with REST

1 week ago
Adam Spriggs

If you need to trigger one Marketing Cloud email to multiple recipients in a single REST API call, here's how you do it: Request a token (OAuth 2.0) https://gist.github.com/wvpv/88851d62a26a2ce554cbdb8b67cdb617 Trigger one email to multiple recipients: https://gist.github.com/wvpv/39d694fa48c80315d6ad7f472fe02c5e Reference: Access Token for Server-to-Server IntegrationsShane Steinfeld on SFSE

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via Little Giants Construction Company

1 month ago
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Hot Ones, LEGO Movie Edition

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Clearing a Data Extension with a SQL Query

If you ever need an automated way to clear a data extension, you can simply use a SQL query that…

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Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), Musicless

source A musicless version of Journey's Separate Ways (Worlds Apart). Original

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Picking rows with partitions

I'm constantly faced with situations with data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud where I need to select or identify rows based…

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