My Twitter Peeves

  • Quoting from books
  • Quoting the speaker at a conference
  • Tweeting the score during a sporting event as it happens
  • Only re-tweeting
  • Telling your friends on Twitter not to spoil the show you DVR’d
  • Tweeting a whole bunch things in a short amount of time
  • Automated direct messages after a follow
  • Excessive self-promotion of your company/blog/product
  • Receiving a direct message from someone who doesn’t follow you
  • Automated follows from people with <100 tweets

What did I miss?

Lame excuses

I think I’d almost prefer someone tell me an outright lie instead of churning out some super-lame excuse. I mean, really, you think I’m that dumb?

One thing that I hope my kids will always remember from their parents: If you tell a lie you get in worse trouble than if you told the truth about something bad.