UPDATED: For the hard drive click, freezing does the trick


Came home last night to find my external hard drive unresponsive. It was making the dreaded clicking sound.

I used it primarily for backups, but there were still a few important files on it — archived Media Center videos, MP3s and some pictures.

I had read about people freezing their hard drives as a way to restore them temporarily.  I decided it give it a try.

I stuck it in a ZipLoc freezer bag and placed it on top of the Minnesota corn in the Cool-Whip container in my deep freeze.

After about an hour, I took it out and hooked it up. No change.  I stuck it back in the bag and put it back in the freezer.

So I get it out this morning and hook it up. Click. Click. Click. Whirrrrr. Click. Click. Sigh.

Then surprisingly, I heard this.

Boom, it was back. I frantically copied off about 3 GB of data. Not a hitch. Couldn’t believe it.

EDIT: This method does not work on newer hard drives with hydro dynamic bearings. It also does not work for all types of hard drive failures.

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