Friday Nostalgia – 1989 Tandy 5000 MC Ad

Tandy 5000 MC Professional System

New for 89

Monitor and mouse not included

  • 20 MHz Intel 80386 Microprocessor
  • VGA Graphics
  • 2 MB RAM (16 MB Capacity)
  • Cache Memory

Our most powerful computer ever! The Tandy 5000 MC Micro Computer is strictly business, from the look of its 256,000-color VGA graphics to the tactile feel of its newly-designed keyboard. Its Intel 80386 processor operates at a lightning-fast 20 MHz, and a memory cache controller provides RAM-fast access to your data. IBM Micro Channel compatible architecture provides a 32-bit wide data path for virtually simultaneous data transfer between peripherals. Will operate MS-DOS 3.3, MS OS/2, SCO XENIX 386 and network operating software. The 5000 MC’s technology performance and price all add up to an incredible value. VGA graphics, serial and parallel ports and mouse support included.


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