Garage Sale LEGO Motherload Reveal

So my wife, daughter, sister-in-law and I headed out on “neighborhood garage sale Saturday” in Blue Springs, MO.  My son was on a mission retreat.  We found a garage sale that had a couple of LEGO things on a table.  My daughter picked them up. We took them to the lady to make the purchase and she asked if we liked LEGO stuff.


She pulled out several plastic bags full of LEGO goodies.  She said something about how she just wants to get rid of them and that her son doesn’t really play with them anymore.   We all started digging for money in our pockets and purses.

My daughter nearly started hyper-ventilating.

We walked away whispering about what a steal it was.

We went back a few minutes later and bought the rest of them.

We spent a total of $18.50 for this:

4506 – Deep Sea Predators
4742 – Alpha Team Chill Speeder
4744 – Alpha Team Thunder Tracker
4748 – Alpha Team Ogel’s Mountain Fortress
7648 – Mars Mission Mobile Mining Unit
7697 – Mars Mission Claw Tank Ambush
7770 – Aqua Raiders Deep Sea Treasure Hunter
7771 – Aqua Raiders Anger Ambush
7772 – Aqua Raiders Lobster Strike
7775 – Aqua Raiders Aquabase Invasion
8272 – Technic Snowmobile
8646 – Racers Speed Slammer Bike

From what I calculated from various sources around teh interwebs, that’s about $517.00 worth of LEGO loot.

Here’s the big reveal to my son:

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