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Selecting random data extension rows with AMPscript

In a triggered send scenario, there's no chance to leverage query activities to prepare auxiliary data for display in an…

3 weeks ago

My Favorite Color is…

My favorite color is ice cream. Anonymous 7 year old via @LiveFromSnackTime

3 weeks ago

3D Printed Mechanical Counter Amazing mechanical counter by Florian Hu. Here's the 3D model. More from Florian Hu: Projects | Portfolio

2 months ago

How can leaders learn empathy? [...] maximizing shareholder value [...] where we prioritize the wants, needs, and desires of an external constituency over our…

2 months ago

143 Robin Lopez Hook Shots Check out 143 hook shots by Robin Lopez from the 2018-19 season.

2 months ago

Just read the documentation

They said, "just read the official documentation"...

4 months ago