Lessons from Hay Lake


Here’s a couple of things I a) learned or b) thought a lot about while fishing at Hay Lake in MN last week.

  • A long, hard and even wet day of fishing is better than a good day working.
  • I need to let other people go first more often…and be more generous.
  • Yes, you can get knocked over by a sheep dog.
  • Laughter makes everything fun.
  • I’ll always be my mom’s little boy, no matter how old I am.
  • Some of the things that I think are really funny, aren’t.
  • Not everyone has heard about John Daker and Ask a Ninja
  • A judgmental, nitpicking, legalistic spirit eats at you from the inside.
  • Good things can keep you from the important ones.
  • I really can’t sit still. I try but it doesn’t work.
  • Don’t say you’re sorry and then laugh. It’s doesn’t end up well.
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