Out with the old in with the new

Been getting back into reading Seth Godin’s blog again lately.  I heard him speak at the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty challenging stuff.

Some of his over-simplifications bother me sometimes, I must confess.

Not this one, however:

Either you’re focused on maintaining the legacy features or you’re focused on figuring out how to replace them. Driving with your eyes on the rearview mirror is difficult indeed.

In a world of little competition, legacy features are something worth keeping. No sense alienating loyal customers.

But we don’t live in a world of little competition. The faster your industry moves, the more likely others are willing to live without the legacy stuff and create a solution that’s going to eclipse what you’ve got, legacies and all.

I guess I’m just at that point in my life.

If it’s not working, stop doing it and create something new.

Appreciate and respect the hard work from others that got you were you are today, but, good grief, take some risk, move on and be OK with it.

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