Sighted:Bucks fan in Independence, MO!?


Here’s how it played out last night, while out shopping at Target with my family: I was walking down one of the food aisles looking for some Cracker Jacks to take to camp this week. A guy walked around the corner and I looked at his shirt. Lo and behold it’s a really cool Bucks shirt.

As I was standing there stunned in amazement, my wife blurts out, “Excuse me, are you a Bucks fan?”

They guys says, “Naah, I’m just a basketball fan.”

Smiling, I said something like , “C’mon, tell me you’re a Bucks fan. I mean there’s not many of us around and they need all the help we can get. I went to a T’wolves vs Bucks game over Christmas and I met the other three Bucks fans. It’d be nice to know there’s another one around.”

He says, “Now if they came to Kansas City, then I’d definitely be a fan.”

I like his attitude. Too bad it’s probably going to be the Sonics coming to town.

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