Some Sunshine on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Defects

If you talk to anyone that’s worked in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) ecosystem for any length of time, you’ll get the drift that there’s some frustration about the transparency around “known issues” in the platform.  Raises some questions, no doubt.

Questions like:

  1. How do support cases that identify defects arrive on the official Known Issues page?
  2. What communication about these defects can be expected to agencies or customers that identify them?
  3. How and when do issues progress through the status chronology: In Review > Scheduled > Release In Progress > Fixed or No Fix
  4. How seriously does SFMC take “this issue affects me” votes by the community?  Is there a golden threshold that qualifies an issue for fixing?
  5. Can known issues fall off the list?

Let’s pull back the curtain a little and look at some of the data, shall we?

The Known Issues page happens to have an RSS feed by Status (In Review, Scheduled, Release In Progress, Fixed, No Fix) and by Tag.  For example, here’s the RSS feed for Email Studio.  I did a little experimenting and discovered that issues_index_rss page will accept multiple parameters.  Combine those together and you can produce an RSS feed for Email Studio, No Fix items, for example.

Why not create a feed for all of the Marketing Cloud tag and status combinations?   Or better yet, how about an OPML file containing all of these feeds?

Done. You can simply import this OPML file I built into your RSS reader and get notified when new entries are published:
SFMC Known Issues OPML

(If you haven’t dipped your toe into RSS reader-land, here’s a good list of the players. I started with Google Reader (RIP), but I ended up hosting my own tt-rss installation.)

Seeing the new issues via RSS is nice, but there’s no good way to find issues by tag and status on the official page.

I set up a process on my site to pull all of the RSS data every hour, parse it, and then write it to a database table.

Results are displayed here: SFMC Known Issues

SFMC Known Issues page

You should be able to search, filter, and sort by column. There’s a summary of the rows by tag at the bottom, for some perspective.

Does this resonate with you?

How can Salesforce help with this?
This one thing would help:x

Edit 2020-06-21:  In a prior version of this post, I mentioned the 2019 Data Extension Row Count kerfluffle.  It was originally posted in IdeaExchange and it wasn’t ever a “known issue” — as in posted in Known Issues.  However, this event, in particular, showed the power of the greater Marketing Cloud community rallying around an issue until it was resolved in a patch release.  The day that was fixed was a good day, wasn’t it?

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