Spriglet #13 – Posterize a photo in Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Photoshop has a nice posterize command built-in. Not so in Fireworks. I searched high and low for a nice way to do it. In desperation I posted an entry on the official Adobe Fireworks message board and Ilya Razmanov was posted exactly what I needed.

Here’s the steps with pictures to illustrate his technique:

1. Open a cool photo in Fireworks (Yes, Ray Allen is cool, if you didn’t already know).

[ray allen]

2. Add this effect: Adjust Color -> Levels

[posterize example 1]

3. Set the max value in Output Level to 4


4. Add another effect: Add this effect: Adjust Color -> Levels. This time set the max Input Level to 4


6. Voila! Here’s what you get. You can tweak the levels on both sides to get the amount of posterization you want.


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