Spriglet #16: Simple HTML signatures in Gmail


  1. Create your signature in HTML in a text file named temp.html.¬† Here’s mine:
    Adam Spriggs //
    sprignaturemoves.com //
    twitter.com/wvpv //
    "what others do with talent, I do with obstinate fixation"

  2. Open temp.html in your browser — in another window
  3. Enable Labs in Gmail
  4. Enable the Canned Response feature
  5. Compose a new email
  6. Highlight your signature in the other browser window
  7. Drag it into the body of your e-mail
  8. In the Canned responses drop-down, choose new canned response.
  9. Name it “html sig”
  10. Click Settings turn off the signature
  11. From now on when you compose an e-mail, simply choose “html sig” from the canned response drop-down.
  12. Voilà
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