Spriglet #4: Windshield Wiper Rotation


If you’ve ever seen my car, you’d know that it’s not something that I obsess over at all.   In fact quite the contrary — I don’t care about it that much.   It gets me from here to there.   It’s not pretty but it’s functional.

I try to invest in it as little as possible.   There’s more important things to spend money on, IMO.

So, anyway…I found a way to make my windshield wipers last longer than recommended (every 6 months).   When they start skidding across the windshield, I stop (usually at the gas station) and take them off and 1) switch the right and the left and 2) flip them over so that the end that’s on the top is now on the bottom.

Turning off your car when the wiper blades are upright makes them a little easier to change.

Worked like a champ in the torrential downpour on the way to work this morning.   Voila!   No skidding.

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