Spriglet #5: Clear the Print Spool in Windows XP By Force

Spriglet #5: Have a print job in Windows that just won’t go away? Here’s how to fix it:

®= right-click, © = click, © © = double-click

  1. ® on My Computer and choose “Manage”
  2. © on “Services” in the left pane
  3. © © on “Print Spooler” in the right pane
  4. © the “Stop” button
  5. Leave this window open and hit Windows-E to bring up an Explorer window
  6. Drill down to c:\windows\system32\printers\spool
  7. Highlight and delete all of the files in here
  8. Back on the Print Spooler Properties window, © Start
  9. © Start, © Settings, © Printers and Faxes, © © the printer with the stuck job
  10. Hit F5 to refresh. All of the print jobs should now be gone.

UPDATE: Check out the shorter batch file method in the comments below. Thanks, White Panther.

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