The Wii, unboxed.


I waited 2 months for this reaction. I was very excited about the Wii and so were the kids when they ripped off the wrapping paper… The pictures just didn’t capture the moment.

Some thoughts now that we have a week of Wii under our belts, er, straps.

  1. For me Tennis is the most fun out of all of the Wii Sports. I have some seriously sore upper body muscles. I’m up to a 590+ something rating, but I keep getting waxed by the computer. I need to find the right technique for that unhittable shot that my brother-in-law kept laying on me.
  2. Out of all of the Wii Sports, bowling got the most action. We looked up the Wii easter eggs online and were able to do the 91 pin training trick. That was pretty cool.
  3. My kids are fascinated with the concept of a Mii. I think they’ve created about 30 of them so far. All the family on both sides, friends — and the most recent additions — Chuck Norris and the cast of Charlie Brown.
  4. Wii Play is OK. My kids spent a lot of time fishing and blasting everything that moved in the shooting game. The Cow Race is cool and funny, but got old after a while. I couldn’t get anyone to really play the tank game with me. I thought it was fun.
  5. Now that I’m home I’ve set up the wireless features. Pretty sweet. Did the first update. I was a little surprised how long it took.

1/2 UPDATE: Finally got up to Pro status in Tennis. It’s much harder now. Still fun.

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