Thoughts on the Amazon App Store, Cloud Drive & Player

I’m so giddy about what Amazon has released this week — the Android App Store,  Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.

  • There’s little doubt that Amazon’s core competency is selling.
  • A free paid app every day deal is absolutely going get a lot of Amazon Android apps on Android phones.  Amazon has just inserted themselves as a major player in the Android app marketplace.
  • The installation of the Amazon App Store app was a little on the complicated side, but once it’s pants were on, it made gold records.
  • MP3 purchases from Amazon don’t count toward in your cloud drive space.  Brilliant.
  • The whole 20G of space for free for a year when you purchase an MP3 album is killer smart.  Totally impressed.  I’ll probably buy it when my year is up.
  • The Cloud Player MP3 upload tool is pretty slick and is chugging right along on my computer at home.
  • Weak playlist creation the Cloud Player is my only gripe so far.   I like to create my playlists by Artist.  I have to add them to playlists one by one, which is kind of a pain.  A little drag -n-drop action would be sweet.
  • The Cloud Player works well on my Google CR-48.  That thing needs a win right now.  More about that later.
  • Love the Cloud Player integration with my Android phone.  Finally a decently priced (free) stream of my own music without having to sync my phone and my computer.
  • If they every develop a cross-platform Cloud Drive desktop synchronization tool, they could give Dropbox (affiliate link) a run for their money.

What do you like about what Amazon rolled out this week?

And when’s the Amazon Android tablet coming out?

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