What’s missing from Wii Sports

Here are some things that I think can be improved in Wii Sports.

  • Stats! The message board is not a good place to view my personal best scores. I’d like to see a table of all Miis on the console and their best scores in each sport.
  • A way to turn off the strap warnings and things that slow the game down. I know they’re necessary, but once my Mii has acknowledged them, don’t show them again.
  • It would be cool if some functionality could be unlocked when you get to a certain skill level in all of the sports. I know bowling pros get a different color ball, but what about the other sports?
  • Tennis – when you’re not playing against the computer, there are some unhittable service returns. It’s not quite fair.
  • Baseball
    • It’d be sweet to pick the players on our team from our pool of Miis.
    • I know the minimalist nature of Wii Sports is what makes it cool, but some more action on the baseball players would be nice, especially fielding. For example, if you hit a line drive to first base, the fielder should step on the base.
    • It’d also be cool to be able to position yourself in the batter’s box.
  • Golf – If there’s one of the sports that a movement that is counter-intuitive, it’s golf. Maybe it’s that I don’t like golf in general.
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