AMPScript Lookup Examples

Here are a few ways to retrieve external data with AMPScript inside your email or landing page:

Lookup value of single column value from a certain row

Lookup multiple column values from a single row

Lookup multiple column values from multiple ordered rows

For further reference:

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Hey Adam, I want to pull content from a data file (containing one row) that doesn’t have any common columns with the subscribers list. I cannot tie the 2 files together so I cannot use LookUp or LookUpRows. Is there a way to do still do it? Question posted here as well:


Hello, I cant access the data extension data with a lookup function if it is a shared data extenion


Hey Adam,
I’ve been trying to retrieve a row filtering on a datetime field.
I’ve tried so many different datetime formats and am still not getting any results.
To be precise what I am trying to do is update a row in SSJS but it is the same issue in AMPScript.
Have you ever managed to retrieve/update a row using a datetime value?
Thanks for your help!


Hey Adam, How do I lookup into a particular list in a business unit? Not a DE, all subscribers or a data view but a list I created?


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