Check List Membership on a Landing Page

Suppose you want to see if a Subscribers exists on a List in a Landing Page or Microsite Page in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? I generally do that with SSJS for various reasons. It’s also possible to do it with AMPScript API functions. Bonus that it’s faster:

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A case for the MicrositeURL() function

Do you know about the MicrositeURL() AMPScript function? It’s relatively new. It sure is handy if you’re building custom preference centers in Enterprise 2.0 business units.

The idea is that you can encrypt custom parameters in your email links to Microsite pages and then retrieve the unencrypted values with an AMPScript function. Once you have the business unit MID in the microsite page, you can use it to ensure your API calls are for the correct business unit.

In your email you would have this code:

In the case where the the subscriberMID is not set, default to the parent business unit’s MID, which is accessible from the memberid personalization string.

One gotcha: If you build your custom preference centers with Server-Side JavaScript, there’s no SSJS function to retrieve the additional MicrositeURL parameters — you to use AMPScript. Your code may end up looking something like this:

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Regular Expressions in AMPScript

Did you know you can use regular expressions in AMPScript?

You can.

Here are some RegExMatch() snippets that I’ve used:


@s = input string
@p = pattern
@m = match
@o = output

Sample Code


Strip leading zeroes from a string

input: 0000012345
pattern: “^0*(\d+)$”
output: 12345

Check for all digits, no match

input: 12345x
pattern: “^\d*$”

Check for all digits, match

input: 12345
pattern: “^\d*$”
output: 12345

Replace parenthetical text with space

input: whee (whatever it is) whoop
match: (whatever it is)
pattern: “\s(.+)\s”
output: whee whoop

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Flexible Content Areas with XML Interfaces

Here is a good way to display a grid of external content in an email without repeating a significant amount of AMPScript. It utilizes an XML string and uses XPATH to retrieve content using the BuildRowSetFromXML() function.

Slide deck from my ExactTarget Connections Conference 2014 presentation

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Product Data Extension


Email Init Section

Email Body

Content Area Init Section

Content Area Body

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