Butter Joke

Okay, there is this piece of butter, okay. And he thinks, “I’m not doing very well in life so I really want to start making ends meet and progressing.”

So he jumps onto half a slice of bread and he thinks, “Oh yeah, this is quite good, this half a slice of bread. But I still think I could do better in life.”

So he jumps onto a full slice of bread. “This is amazing,” he thinks. “I’m really living the high life.” But he thinks, “I could still go further.”

So he jumps onto a slice of toast and, “This is a very, very comfortable slice of toast.” It’s just like absolute luxury. But he thinks, “I could still go further in life,” so he jumps onto the next thing.

And by now he’s thinking, “Okay, I’ve lived a very good life, I think it’s about time I wrapped everything up,” and he starts to walk away, but his friend calls out, “Oh no, don’t stop now. Youre on a roll.”


Friday Questionnaire


1. Yourself – average
2. Your spouse/significant other – best
3. Your hair – brown
4. Your mother – stressed
5. Your father – forlorn
6. Your favorite item – computer
7. Your dream last night – nope
8. Your favorite drink – DDrP
9. Your dream car – Lexus
10. The room you are in – cubicle
11. Your fear – backsliding
12. What you want to be in 10 years – happy
13. Who you hung out with last night – fam
14. What you’re not – disciplined
15. Muffins – blueberry
16. One of your wish list items – saw
17. Time – flies
18. The last thing you did – drive
19. What you are wearing – brown
20. Your favorite weather – spring
21. Your favorite book – bible
22. The last thing you ate – breakfast
23. Your life – good
24. Your mood – antsy
25. Your best friend – wife
26. What are you thinking about right now – todos
27. Your car – junker
28. What are you doing at the moment – typing
29. Your summer – sneezing
30. What is on your TV – nothing
31. What is the weather like – snowing
32. When is the last time you laughed – today