Harleys and iPods

Isn’t it interesting how similar the marketing is for Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Apple products?

I don’t know of any Harley owner that doesn’t exhibit the same zealous loyalty that Apple fanboys do.


Purging drug trinkets in MN

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Caught this article on my Yahoo start page this morning. What a great idea!

Twenty shopping carts full. Nice.

SMDC Health System, intends to ship the 18,718 items to the west African nation of Cameroon

The response by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America:

It’s a bit draconian. But the onus is on us now to do a better job of explaining the job and the importance of marketing representatives. Unfortunately there are a lot of cynics in America who want to think the worst.

Draconian? Pffft.

Same needs to be done in Washington. Money better spent elsewhere.

Now if they could do something about the commercials.

Oh, and why is Robert Jarvik the Lipitor guy again?

Why gas is so expensive


Only blaming “Big Oil” may not be the best way to explain why gas jumps $.25 right before a holiday weekend. After reading this it helped me get more of a handle on all of the factors involved in setting the price of gas.