Thoughts on the NCAA National Championship

Couple of random thoughts about the NCAA National Championship:

  1. Joakim Noah is annoying — even when he’s on the bench in foul trouble.   He has “NBA bust” written all over him.
  2. All of   Ohio State’s   3-pointer attempts were flat — which tells me that they were fatigued.
  3. Horford or Oden would look awesome in a Bucks uni.
  4. Even a half-time cameo of Dick Enberg is too much for me.   He was good when I was a kid — and only during the Olympics and Tennis.   Just retire, Dick.
  5. I accomplished my goal of finishing in the top 5 in my work Yahoo Tournament pool.   It’s about time, because the yearly tournament was having a negative impact on my Yahoo Fantasy Profile rating.   Gotta keep that up.   I did better this year because I didn’t pick Kansas over UCLA like I wanted to.   It was hard to deny the Kansas fan in me, but such is the life of a fantasy sports guy.
  6. I can pretty much guarantee that I’m not going to root for Florida anytime soon.   I don’t like the attitude that Brewer and Richard play with and I already mentioned that I’m not a Joakim Noah fan already.



Wow. MNU started off the game down 0-11 but came back and laid a beat-down on Mayville State, outscoring them 47-29 in the second period. Final score: 78-60.

That big banner will look real nice hanging in the Cook Center. Congrats to tournament MVP Adam Hepker. He’s probably going to need to sit in the ice tub for a while.

I exchanged e-mails yesterday with David Boyce, the Kansas City Star reporter that’s been following the Pioneers. Here’s something cool he said:

Rocky keeps getting better as a coach. He’s put together an amazing NAIA team this year, one that I think is the best in Kansas City. In a tournament at neutral site, I think MidAmerica would come out on top against UMKC, Rockhurst, Park, Avila and William Jewell.

I especially like that part about Jewell.