Other NBA Refs Could Face Gambling Discipline


It didn’t surprise me to read that there could be other NBA referees caught in the F.B.I. dragnet.  While they may not face criminal charges, they could be slapped down by the N.B.A.

Stern could face some serious credibility issues after his emphatic statements about Donaghy being a “rogue, isloated criminal.”

I hope this all gets resolved by the beginning of the NBA season in October.  I really don’t want any shadows over what’s shaping up to be an interesting year in the league.

Joakim Noah: Too cool for the Bucks

Nice quip by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Michael Hunt:

And who is Joakim Noah to turn down a workout with the Bucks? That’s some arrogance, even if the Bucks aren’t his preferred destination. If I’m Harris, I don’t want him, anyway. He’s not strong enough for their needs. They’ve already got one Gadzuric on the roster.

Guess my nightmare scenario might not happen after all.

Sighted:Bucks fan in Independence, MO!?


Here’s how it played out last night, while out shopping at Target with my family: I was walking down one of the food aisles looking for some Cracker Jacks to take to camp this week. A guy walked around the corner and I looked at his shirt. Lo and behold it’s a really cool Bucks shirt.

As I was standing there stunned in amazement, my wife blurts out, “Excuse me, are you a Bucks fan?”

They guys says, “Naah, I’m just a basketball fan.”

Smiling, I said something like , “C’mon, tell me you’re a Bucks fan. I mean there’s not many of us around and they need all the help we can get. I went to a T’wolves vs Bucks game over Christmas and I met the other three Bucks fans. It’d be nice to know there’s another one around.”

He says, “Now if they came to Kansas City, then I’d definitely be a fan.”

I like his attitude. Too bad it’s probably going to be the Sonics coming to town.