How can leaders learn empathy?

[…] maximizing shareholder value […] where we prioritize the wants, needs, and desires of an external constituency over our own customers and our own employees. That’s like asking a coach who’s trying to build a good team what the fans want rather than what the players need. That’s the standard of business today. […] We need to reject that. […] It no longer works. […] We need to build empathetic leaders. We need to build leaders who understand that their responsibility is a human job. We don’t sit behind desks and lead a company from spreadsheets. We cannot. Because as we’ve seen it creates discontent inside our companies.

I’ll have what he’s having, part 12

South Pole trekker Aleksander Gamme revisiting a stash he left for himself a month earlier. Be sure and turn on the captioning.

(via RadioLab – Bliss episode)

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