I’ll have what he’s having, part 12

South Pole trekker Aleksander Gamme revisiting a stash he left for himself a month earlier. Be sure and turn on the captioning.

(via RadioLab – Bliss episode)

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Deregistering iMessage

If you’ve recently switched to Android and aren’t getting messages from your iPhone friends, you may need to turn off iMessage.

If you still have your iPhone:

  1. Transfer your SIM card to your iPhone
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap Messages
  4. Turn off iMessage
  5. Go back to Settings
  6. Tap FaceTime
  7. Turn off FaceTime
  8. Exit Settings

If you no longer have your iPhone:

  1. Enter your phone number on this page: Deregister iMessage
  2. Enter the confirmation code your receive

Good job.