What a great game!

Wow. The Bucks vs T’Wolves game last night at the Target Center was awesome. Our seats were pretty good. The game was great — down to the wire at the end.

One cool thing I realized…there are other Bucks fans in the world. I saw at least 4 of them at the game. It was weird being in the minority and having the visiting team win. Sweet. Bango took his rightful place in the back window of the car on the way home.

We took over 100 pictures at the game. I’ll post some of them somewhere.

This kinda thing will be the undoing of the NBA

nba.jpgIf you haven’t seen the brawl between the Nuggets and Knicks, here’s the link.

First off, I’ll hold off about Isiah Thomas. You know what I think about him and his skills as a GM and coach.

This kind of crap by NBA players will be the end of the NBA. Kick all the thugs out. I want to see some skill — some good jump shots, some more stars with 90%+ free throw percentage, some sweet moves night and night out. Mugging guys going to the basket is not skill. I hope they suspend Carmelo “sucker punch” Anthony for the rest of the year — ala Ron Artest. Kick out Mardy Collins, too. Who’s he again?

Dirk: Technically Speaking

Too bad Don Nelson wasn’t part of the Bucks in 1998.

According to Wikipedia:

Early Years
Nowitzki decided to declare for the 1998 NBA draft. He had a promise from Boston Celtics head coach Rick Pitino that his team would take him with the 10th overall selection. However, one other team was interested in the German prospect: the Dallas Mavericks and they selected him just one pick earlier. Technically, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks, but the Bucks were selecting for the Mavericks; the two teams had a pre-arranged deal. The Mavericks had likewise selected Robert “Tractor” Traylor for the Bucks with the sixth pick. Even though the two teams were selecting for each other, the Nowitzki-for-Traylor deal has gone down as one of the most infamous and lopsided trades ever. The Mavericks also got the draft rights to nineteenth-overall pick Pat Garrity, but that same draft, Garrity was traded (along with other players and future draft considerations) to the Phoenix Suns for young point guard Steve Nash. On that night, the Dallas Mavericks acquired the two pieces on which they would build their franchise for years to come.