Data Extension Tips & Tricks

Here are a few Data Extension (DE) tricks to save you some time:

Faster Times

Avoid adding fields to DEs at the top or bottom of the hour.   Your data center’s server load adversely affects the required back-end update tasks and increase the likelihood of your DE changes timing out.

Fewer Drill-downs

Duplicate DEs to the root folder and then move them in multiples to the final folder structure.  It saves time if you don’t have to drill-down in the folder selector for every DE.

Flexible Copy

If you need to copy a DE, go through the Create process and choose Create from Existing from the Creation Method selector.  This gives you an opportunity to add/update the fields — their names, data types, primary key options and default values — in the copy.

Query Studio Create

You can create generic data extensions using Query Studio.  Sometimes it’s easier to create a DE with a query, copy and update it to suit.  Be sure you reset or remove the 1 day retention in your copy.  This works well with the Create from Existing tip.

A hearty tip-of-the-hat to my DEG team for their contributions.

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