Storing File Import Results in a Data Extension

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found monitoring crucial File Import Activities in SFMC a challenge. I think it’s important to ensure all of the rows in the file got imported or have some recourse to identify exceptions — outside of accessing the results file that gets dropped in the SFTP Import folder or relying on the import results email.

Here’s a script that retrieves and iterates through the ImportResultsSummary SOAP object data (via WSProxy) and writes it to a Data Extension of the same name.

NOTE: The DestinationIDis either a ListID or the ObjectID of a Data Extension. If you’ve got an inventory of DataExtension SOAP object data, you can use something like this dataset to build a pretty comprehensive report on import exceptions.

I started setting proper Customer/External Keys on all Import Activities after using this data, just so ImportDefinitionCustomerKey is meaningful. One less thing to have to track down when troubleshooting.

Of course, I welcome any feedback y’all might have on this.



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