Talking to Your Devices


Maybe this is one of those posts that I’ll stumble back to and think, “boy, that was way off.”

Hmmmm.  Maybe.

Seems like Google, first with Google Glass, then Google Now and now with the new Moto X open mic voice commands, is banking on us consumers talking to devices.

I don’t get it.

It’s like a monstrous Bluetooth headset sticking out of your ear as you walk around the grocery store talking to someone. It’s generally rude and obnoxious behavior that we tend to poke fun of, don’t we?

Talking to your devices seems great — for those types that called their own pagers in a crowd of people back in the day.

Is that really the future of our devices?

EDIT: So I admit there’s a huge benefit to being hands-free with your devices.  No doubt.  I’m just curious as to how that will/should play out in our social interactions.

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