Spriglet #8: Hack the buttons on a Dell SK-8135 Keyboard (and others)

Dell SK-8135

Just bought a new Dell SK-8135 keyboard off of eBay.  I have one at work and like it a lot.

It has some buttons on it that are sorta configurable — if you don’t mind poking around in the Windows Registry.

Start -> Run -> regedit

Browse to:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AppKey

  • 7 =  Browser home button – this will launch the default browser
  • 15 = Mail button  – this will launch the default mail app.
  • 16 = Music note button – this will launch the application associated with the .cda extension.  I changed this one to .mp3
  • 17 = My Computer button
  • 8 =  Calculator button

Make your changes, reboot and you’re good to go.

EDIT: This does work in Windows 7

EDIT: 12 Dec 2012 – This also works on other keyboards with media controls…like my new Amazon Basics chiclet keyboard (affiliate link).

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hey, i have this keyboard that you have wrote about above, and i could not find a way of editing the music player recall button. thanx to you and this blog of yours, i have the write music played opening. so all i’m leaving this comment for is: thank you very much! lol i hated hitting that button by accident then having some music play that i didn’t want opening. thank you


For itunes, you can also change the file association to .itl (iTunes Library) – just in case you don’t have mp3 mapped to itunes. Thanks for your post!


4 is the Stop key – I used it to run the ‘lock workstation’ command


holy FRICK
i cant even believed this worked lol, i followed the opening sequence and it practically solved itself. my music key button used to open with WMP, but i downloaded Real player for particular reasons, and the key i assume reassinged itself to Real player. Its been bugging me forever when i want fast music. Most of my music files are in .wma format, so i just swapped the .cda with .wma. rebooted, problem solved. works great thanks alot!


I dumped the calculator icon for

rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

Which locks the workstation


You could also just press window’s plus l and it will also lock your workstation, lol


I changed button 16 (=Music) from “.cda” to “spotify” and it works great! 🙂 Thanks!


Thanks for posting this. I was able to set my music key to open the Pandora One desktop player by creating a new extension (.PandoraOne) and associating it with the player. Then I used this hack to associate the button with the .PandoraOne extension.


So simple…and it works.
Changed ITEM 16 to point to WinAMP…VOILA !!!!!
Thanks mate.


Thanks man, I programmed my Music button to point to Spotify. Now I don’t have to feel like I have a useless music button stuck on opening Windows Media Player.


Oh yeah for those unfamiliar ( I had to figure this part out and I have Win7 btw )

For the Music button, you will need to rename “Association” to “ShellExecute” and change the value data to point to the Spotify exe file path or whatever program’s exe file path like this:


Dave \W/

I found these other key associations that might help someone also. (posted on another site) :

Sometimes the registry value(s) already exists but sometimes you will need to create it.

Here are the AppKey numbers for this keyboard. Don’t ask about the multimedia controls (play/pause etc) because they use another method.

(Starting from top left)

1 = Back
2 = Forward
4 = Close
3 = Undo
7 = Web Browser
15 = Email
17 = My Computer
18 = Calculator

16 = Music button

Now I will {dangerously} change some other settings on mine.
Dave \W/


FYI: This info works great with Window 10!


I found the folder in the registry but the files say ‘(value not set)’ I tried changing the data values to open a different program but the buttons still did what they were supposed to do.